Solar RO Plant

As per Indian and WHO standards, Solar RO Plant is a reliable solution for safe drinking water which also helps to reduce carbon foot print and our needs for healthy water.

Solar Street Light

  • Cartridge pre-filter for FRP pressure vessels
  • Spiral wound membrane elements of polyamide type
  • TEFC pump motor
  • Motor starter with disconnect switch
  • Motor contractor with thermal overload protection
  • Cleaning connections
  • Solution for safe Drinking Water using RO Technology
  • Capable of handling with Water Hardness
  • Kills harmful Viruses and Bacteria
  • Removes Suspended and Soluble impurities including harmful metals and minerals
  • Airtight Water Container with different capacities
  • No maintenance or operation cost
  • Production capacity of 5 ltr Per day to 200 ltr Per day
  • Meets under Potable Water Standards of Indian and World Health Organisation
  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Rural Areas
  • Chemical Industries
  • Banks
  • Hostels
  • Hospitals
  • Public Places