Sunrise Technology has the expertise to execute commercial projects for ground-mount system where utility of projects is very large scale. Solar power is a massive reservoir of clean energy, it should be used in where the Sun is abundant.

Himachal Pradesh

Ground Mount 1
  • 50 kW(AC)
  • 2010


Ground Mount 2
  • 40 kW(AC)
  • 2010


Ground Mount 3
  • 70 kW(AC)
  • 2008


Ground Mount 4
  • 50 kW(AC)
  • 2009


The CM said the State had a capacity to generate only few megawatts of electricity that was much less than the requirement. Though, the capacities of power generation at various places were being increased, We still required alternative sources. Solar power was a good replacement. They are very professional in doing what they do.
After installation of solar power plant, village is getting no more any power cut and children can study at night peacefully. - Villager of Gujarat
Giving light is like giving home comfort to us Soldiers. - Army in Ladakh
Saved a lot of carbon footprint and money for hot water. - Solar Water Heater User
Solar Street Light system affected us on energy and save us from big bills. - Street Light USer in Gujarat