Government Subsidy Project (Applicable for Private Sector and Government Sector.)

  • It gives us immense pleasure to inform that Sunrise Technology is the First Company in Gujarat who has got the Subsidy Project by Government of India & the beneficiary would get a 30% Subsidy on the Project by Government. Benefit of the project can be taken by all organizations (government) institutes, hospitals, industries, schools etc. With this project one can install solar power plant from 1kw to 100kw.

  • As per the rate fixed by the government of India, if the system is along with battery bank, the rate for 1KW is 2,70,000/- , where the beneficiary will get the 30% subsidy i.e. Rs 81000/- and the remaining Rs 1,89,000/- will be paid by the beneficiary OR If the beneficiary opts for system without battery bank (direct Grid) the amount will be 1,90,000/- out of which the 30% subsidy would be given and the said subsidy amount of 57,000 will be given and the remaining amount of 1,33000/- will be paid by the beneficiary.
  • Installation of 1 kw solar power plant can save 1700 units of electricity per year which saves 1 ton of carbon dioxide being spread in the environment
  • Solar system project gives 5 years warranty.
    Approx Space required for installation of solar system for 1kw would be 15 square meters.
  • To enroll your-self in the above mentioned subsidy project please download the form and send it duly filled with seal and stamp of your organization to our office address.

Download Below Form To Get Subsidy